Our Team

March 7, 2007 Organic Works Bakery opened its doors at a location on Talbot and Bathurst Street to the public as a family run bakery under the able leadership of Peter Cuddy. 4 years later it moved to its present location at 222 Wellington Street London.

Over the years Organic Works Bakery established its mark as the only certified organic, gluten free bakery with savoury treats, breads and other baked goods baked lovingly by our staff in a dedicated gluten free facility.

Now Organic Works Bakery is powered by G112, also a family oriented group with a continuous focus on providing healthy options to their customers. We are coming out with new, exciting baked products to add to our existing line of great baked goods.


Vanessa, Lead BakerIMG_4096


I have baking with the Organic Works Bakery team for a little over three years.

We have a unique group of friendly, knowledgeable people on staff, that combine well together to make a great team and atmoshpere.

Learning about gluten and nut free vegan baking has come with its challenges, but has also been very rewarding. There is always something new to learn; interesting ingredients to experiment and get creative with, discovering new favourite flavour combinations, as well as healthy alternatives and techniques.

I graduated from the culinary management program at Fanshawe College here in London. After working in several kitchens in London, I moved on to Toronto where I worked as a Pastry Chef for 8 years. My family and I then moved on to Stratford, where I continued learning about baking breads and experimenting with desserts for a couple of years. We were drawn back here to my hometown to be closer to family.

Baking and cooking for family and friends brings me pure happiness and joy.  It’s very satisfying being a part of what Organic Works Bakery stands for and strives to be, being able to provide our customers and friends with breads and sweets that meets their needs.  From personal beliefs and health choices to dietary and allergy restrictions, we are able to provide baked goods that people can truly enjoy and feel good about.  I’m looking forward to spending many more years here and I am excited for what the future holds for the bakery!